Order of Geats


A Maritaph Campaign

Year 1100 of the Age of Awakening

     The Order of Geats is an ancient organization of scholars and warriors who have long guarded the ancient Mezzatto gate hub at City of Geats in central Geordath. Centuries ago, they built the fortress of Maegbryg Or around the hub to both protect it from invaders and to protect Geordath from threats emerging from these magical portals. 

      Over their nearly 1,000 years of existence, they have shifted from a primarily militant role to one focused on research. The gate hub has 13 gate apertures, but 9 of these stand silent. Only four remain functional today, leading to four distant, foreign cities:

  •  Ringon, near the delta of the mighty Solgrath River in the theocratic nation of Taringa.
  • Aepera, a free-city of high art and culture near the center of the Jade Empire.
  • Hopewater, the city built on the shores of a great freshwater lake in the middle of the Rikklan desert.  
  • Tyrrillenna, the ruins of an ancient Mezzatto city at the eastern end of Lake Tytinez in the heart of the Myskari Empire. 

      These four gates, and the connecting gates in those foreign cities, are an integral part of commerce and cultural exchange for half of the continent. Other gate pairs throughout Maritaph underpin economic partnerships, political conflicts, and even cultural identities. Wars are often fought over access to these Mezzatto gates, for those who control them control the flow of goods, treasure, and people across incredible distances normally impossible by other modes of travel.

     Unfortunately, the secrets of the ancient elven architects who built these wonders have been lost, just one of the many tragedies associated with the Unravelling three thousand years ago that destroyed their once-marvelous empire. No one living today understands the magic by which the gates function, nor by which they remain intact over generations. They cannot be repaired, even in the very rare occasion a mage is able to identify a problem with one. The fact that any of these gates still work after millennia without any real maintenance is testament to the incredible feat of arcane engineering they represent.

     Earlier this year, the worst case scenario is rearing its fearsome head. After many rumors, the arcane scholars  at Maegbryg Or have confirmed that something is going awry with the gates. Gate travelers are experiencing "lost time," arriving at their destination hours after their departure, when the gates are normally instantaneous. No one knows for sure how long this problem has been building, or what's causing it. 

     The only thing certain is that this is the greatest challenge the Order of Geats has ever faced, and the stakes of failure couldn't be higher…


Order of Geats

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